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The Value of Connected Benefits – 2019 Cigna Value of Integration Study

Our 4th annual Value of Integration Study once again reveals the power of connecting Cigna’s medical, pharmacy and behavioral health benefits. Cigna’s unique approach — looking at both the body and mind — truly connects all three benefits and creates a full picture of our customers allowing us to improve their health at every turn.

The study, based on a two-year analysis of more than 2.3 million claims from Cigna's full book of business, found that employers offering triple-integrated benefits – medical, pharmacy and comprehensive behavioral – continue to see meaningful savings in total medical costs as compared to those with medical and basic behavioral coverage, where pharmacy is carved out.

Our 4th annual Value of Integration Study design and methodology was developed in 2018 in collaboration with KPMG — based on 30+ years of research by Harvard University — and was awarded PBMI’s 2019 Award of Excellence for Cost Containment.

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Seeing the full picture of health

  • Real-time, integrated data across benefits
  • Proprietary predictive analytics

Revealing the right insights at the right moment

  • Targeted interventions across all touchpoints
  • Counseling and additional treatment support

Real savings

Reducing medical costs for our clients while improving quality of care.


PMPY for customers with a health improvement opportunity


PMPY for oncology


PMPY for specialty conditions


lower inpatient costs for oncology patients

Support at every turn

Integrated benefits are critical for complex conditions

Connected oncology support

A comprehensive team of specialty care managers, oncology specialists, social workers, pharmacists, and behavioral clinicians supporting the customer and caregiver.

Coordinated benefits

  • Looks across medical, pharmacy, and behavioral
  • Increases ease and timely treatment
  • Improves affordability and quality of care

Whole health support

  • Screens for behavioral health programs and support
  • Supports needs of customer and caregiver
  • Coordinates access to patient assistance programs

Ongoing support

  • Supports ongoing maintenance therapy
  • Coaches for transition back to work

Battling the opioid epidemic

Using connected benefits and integrated data, we mobilize across the continuum of care to quickly identify at-risk customers to intervene and provide support.


  • Predictive analytics leveraging real-time integrated data
  • Behavioral assessments during chronic health coaching and other counseling programs


  • Connecting with at-risk customers and their providers
  • Chronic pain management support
  • Behavioral and substance use disorder programs

Real results


higher oncology case management engagement


lower oncology inpatient costs

Real results


less likely to have a subsequent overdose the following year


more likely to receive treatment for misuse

How fully integrated benefits can work for you

Want to see how connected benefits could improve your health care offerings?

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